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No TITLE Register DATE Close DATE
164Closed the Minoruworld website2017-07-112020-08-10
163We would like to announce a big news today.2012-09-052013-10-05
162Summer Vacation Notification2012-08-142012-08-22
161new theme special2012-04-052012-04-11
160new limited edition 'White Winter' Release Information2012-01-062012-02-05
158Summer Vacation Notification2011-08-012011-08-07
157Discontinuance of Minoruworld Junior Ted2011-06-272011-07-27
155New Limited Edition, Kitten Mittens Release Information2011-01-042011-04-03
154Minoruworld Office Re-locate Information2010-12-062011-12-13
153Junior & Shiny Fairy Option Parts Updates2010-11-192010-12-19
152Update Information on October 7th, 20102010-10-072010-11-06
151New Junior Special Release Information2010-09-172010-10-17
150Theme Special Sailing Sailing Release Information2010-09-142010-10-14
149Limited Edition, La Vie en Rose Updates2010-04-162010-05-16
148Limited Edition, "La Vie en Rose" Release information2010-04-062010-04-15
147Update Information on February 1st2010-02-012010-03-03
146Update Information on January 22nd2010-01-222010-02-21
145Theme Special Release Information2010-01-182010-02-17
144Big Sale Event Information on January 8th2010-01-082010-02-07
143Update Information on January 7th, 20102010-01-072010-02-06
142update on 10th December, 20092009-12-102010-01-06
141Notice about update on 8th, December 20092009-12-082010-01-07
140Theme Special release information2009-11-182009-11-18
139Notice about update on 9th, October 20092009-10-092009-11-08
138Notice about update on 31th, July 20092009-07-312009-08-30
137Notice about update on 12th, June 20092009-06-122009-07-12
136Notice about update on 6th, June 20092009-06-062009-07-06
135Preorder of Limited Fairy Gus & Jasmine2009-05-272009-06-26
134Notice about update on 21th, May 20092009-05-212009-06-20
133Notice about update on 14th, May 20092009-05-142009-06-13
132Notice about update on 13th, May 20092009-05-132009-06-12
131Notice about update on 9th, May 20092009-05-092009-06-08
130Notice of White Special2009-04-212009-05-21
129Notice about update on 16th, April 20092009-04-172009-05-17
128situation of White Special2009-04-062009-05-06
127MinoruWorld will be closed from 19th March to 29th, March.2009-03-152009-04-14
1262nd Preorder of white Special Fairy2009-03-032009-04-02
125Preorder of white Special Fairy2009-02-252009-03-27
124Notice about update on 21th, February 20092009-02-222009-03-24
123Notice about update on 11th, February 20092009-02-112009-03-13
122Notice about update on 1th, February 20092009-02-012009-02-03
121Notice about update on 29th, January 20092009-01-292009-02-13
120MinoruWorld will have a few days off for Seollal2009-01-232009-02-10
119Preorder of Limited Fairy2009-01-152009-04-14
118Notice about update on 10th, January 20092009-01-102009-02-09
117Notice about update on 20th December 20082008-12-202009-01-19
116Notice about update on 2th December 20082008-12-022009-01-01
115Notice about update on 28th November 20082008-11-282008-12-28
114Notice about update on 11th November 20082008-11-102008-12-10
113Preorder of MINORU WORLD Jr. Ted & Clare2008-11-052008-12-05
112Notice about update on 28th October 20082008-10-282008-11-27
111Notice about update on 19th October 20082008-10-192008-11-18
110Notice about update on 12th October 20082008-10-122008-11-11
109Notice about update on 3th October 20082008-10-032008-11-02
108Notice about update on 18th September 20082008-09-182008-10-18
107Notice about update on 4th September 20082008-09-042008-10-04
106Notice about update on 30th August 20082008-08-312008-09-30
105Notice about update on 27th August 20082008-08-272008-09-26
104Notice about update on 22th August 20082008-08-222008-09-21
101Limited Beauty White skin Tiny Fairy2008-08-072008-11-06
100Notice about update on 26th, July 20082008-07-252008-08-24
99Notice about update on 17th, July 20082008-07-172008-08-16
98Notice about update on 23th, May 20082008-05-232008-06-22
973rd Edition of MINORU WORLD Jr. Sleeping Leila2008-04-162008-05-16
96Notice about update on 14th, April 20082008-04-142008-05-14
95Notice about update on 5th, April 20082008-04-062008-05-06
94Notice about update on 29th, Mar 20082008-03-292008-04-28
93Notice about update on 21th, Mar 20082008-03-222008-04-21
92Notice about update on 13th, Mar 20082008-03-132008-04-12
91Notice about update on 8th, Mar 20082008-03-082008-04-07
90Notice about update on 6th, Mar 20082008-03-062008-04-05
89Notice about update on 4th, Mar 20082008-03-042008-04-03
88Notice about update on 1th, Feb 20082008-02-012008-03-02
87Notice about update on 20th, January 20082008-01-202008-02-19
86Notice about update on 19th, January 20082008-01-172008-02-16
85Notice about update on 11th, January 20082008-01-112008-02-10
84Notice about update on 9th, January 20082008-01-092008-02-08
83Notice about update on 19th, December 20072007-12-192008-01-18
82Limited Beauty White skin Sarang&Roa2007-12-082008-01-07
81Notice about update on 24th, November 20072007-11-242007-12-24
802nd Edition of MINORU WORLD Jr. MINORU2007-09-252007-10-25
79Notice about update on 19th, September 20072007-09-192007-10-19
78Notice about holidays on September.2007-09-052007-10-05
77Notice about update on 31th, August 20072007-08-312007-09-30
76Notice about update on 24th, August 20072007-08-252007-09-24
75Notice about update on 8th, August 20072007-08-082007-09-07
74Limited Beauty White skin Jerome & Olive.2007-08-032007-09-02
73Notice about update on 28th, July 20072007-07-282007-08-27
72notice for summer vacation.2007-07-182007-08-17
71Notice about update on 13th, July 20072007-07-132007-08-12
70Notice about update on 12th, July 20072007-07-122007-08-11
69Notice about update on 5th, July 20072007-07-052007-08-04
68Special Event 」ュ May Valentine & Lin & Sleeping May2007-05-232007-06-22
67MINORU WORLD Jr. Leila for limited2007-04-052007-05-05
66about winter holiday on MinoruWorld.2006-11-242006-12-24
65Information about Limited Beauty White Skin Emilie2006-11-012006-12-31
64information about holiday for ChuSeok2006-09-262006-10-26
63MinoruWorld will be closed from 25th August to 3th, September2006-08-212006-09-20
62How to preorder Misty Rose Skin May & Niky Limited package2006-07-052006-08-04
61Notice About Limited Tiny Fairy May&Niky2006-06-302006-07-30
60How to preorder White Skin Fei & Liu Limited package2006-05-222006-06-21
59Notice about original pocket fairy Fei & Liu2006-05-162006-06-15
58Notice about Winners of lottery2006-03-062006-04-05
57Notice about changing Limited May&Sarang sale method.2006-03-052006-04-04
56Limited TinyFairy Beauty White Skin May&Sarang2006-02-262006-03-28
55This is update news on shipping charge.2006-02-082006-03-10
54This is a update news for upcoming items.2006-02-072006-03-09
53Introduction About Rose Type Winter Limited2006-01-112006-02-10
52Introduction About Common Selling Roa & Roel2005-11-272005-12-27
512nd PreOrder Event Roa&Roel2005-08-252005-09-24
50Current Korean Date & Time2005-11-252006-02-10
49Update in notice about Roa & Roel PreOrder event.2005-08-162005-09-15
48pre-order about MINORU WORLD original Pocket Fairy2005-08-152005-09-14
47some new items updated.2005-08-072005-09-06
46This is a notice about temporary suspend PAYPAL.2005-08-022005-09-01
45Here's some update in stocks.2005-07-192005-08-18
44Introduce original type of Pocket Fairy2005-07-092005-08-08
43MINORU WORLD now support PAYPAL!2005-06-222005-07-22
42New MINORU WORLD is opened2005-06-152005-07-14

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